PROTECTA®EX Mortar system consists of rockwool boards: melting temperature 1000° C, thickness 50 mm, density 150 kg/m³ and Gypsum plasster. Gypsum plaster maintenance time in liquid form can be extended by using Protecta EX Retarder powder.

PROTECTA®EX Gypsum Plaster is a dry white powder consisting of inorganic compounds and perlite. When mixed with water, the compounds form a highlly insulating fire sealing compound to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors, including openings formed around building service penetrations.

PROTECTA®EX Gypsum Plaster expands approx 1% by hydraulic action during curing ensuring a very tight seal around the service penetrations and the surrounding opening apertures.

PROTECTA®EX Gypsum Plaster is easy to sand or drill. The compound dries to an off-white colour which may be painted.

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Cable D < 55 mm50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool120
Steel pipe D < 219 mm50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool120
Copper pipe D < 54 mm50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool120

Plastic pipe D < 40 mm50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool120

Duct < 1000 x 1000 mm

50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool60
Duct D = 1100 mm50 mm GPG layer + 50 mm rockwool60

Must be used rock wool with a density > 150 kg/m³.
Steel and copper pipes shall be extra insulation with 40 mm thick rock wool dambliais, 80 kg/m³, 600 mm from the wall/floor (overlay) in both directions.

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