PROTECTA®FR Board is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where openings are formed to allow the instalation of multiple building services. System consists of a mineral rockwool core, over coated with PROTECTA®FR Coatin. The top coating provides additional protection by significantly reducing the permeability of the rockwool core and prevents the passage of hot gases, thus reducing the temperature rise on the unexposed side and reducing heat conduction through the building services. Output of coating on rockwool - 1l/m².

PROTECTA®FR Board must be used together with PROTECTA®FR Acrylic for sealing around building services and the surrounding cunstruction.

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Single board coated on both sides

Cable D < 55 mm1 x 60 mm board60
Copper pipe D < 58 mm1 x 60 mm board120
Duct 1000 x 1000 mm, D < 1100 mm1 60 mm board60

Double boards coated on one side

Cable D < 14 mm                                       2 x 60 mm boards240
Cable D < 55 mm2 x 50 mm boards60
Steel pipe D < 219 mm2 x 50 mm boards180
Copper pipe D < 58 mm2 x 50 mm boards120
Duct 500 x 5002 x 50 mm boards120

Must be used rockwool with a desity > 150 kg/m³.
Steel and copper pipes shall be extra insulated with 40 mm thickness rockwool, 80 kg/m³, 600 mm from the wall/floor in both sides.

KBS Panel Seal ABL


KBS®Panel Seal ABL consist of rocwool panels (melting point above 1000° C, density 150 kg/m³, thickness 60 mm), water-based ablative fire protective coating KBS®Coating and sealant KBS®Sealant. This firestopping system is weather and water resistant, compatible with various chemicals, very strong mechanically and is recommended for application in industrial areas. Panels and cables are usually coated with KBS®Coating at a coverage of approx. 0.03 kg/dm². In all systems it is cable including support systems must be coated with KBS®Coating for a 300 mm distance away from both sides of the seal.

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Cable D < 50 mm                                    2 x 60 mm boards90
Cable D < 80 mm2 x 60 mm boards60

Must be used rockwool with a density > 150 kg/m³.

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